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Amber Marie Adda

Growing up in a small town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, fashion designer, Amber Marie Adda, has always been fascinated by exquisite textiles at a young age.  As a little girl, she has always dreamed of creating flawless masterpieces that would be worn by beautiful people. 

Amber started designing at an early age, making her own dress for senior prom. As she progressed through the world of fashion, her passion for fashion design started to flourish when she started designing costumes.  Some of her designs include a replica version of the white and black costume from the movie Black Swan and mermaid costumes, all made by hand with extensive beading work.

Amber’s most recent collection is full of exquisite textiles with intricate beading that has a soft, yet hard side to the collection.  Each piece started with an idea, that became a design and developed into a finished look.

Prior to graduation, Amber spent six months interning at Dick’s Sporting Goods. During her time there, she worked under some of the best technical designers in sports apparel while assisting them on numerous projects.

Amber has a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing from Pennsylvania State University. Currently, Amber is an Apparel Project Manager for Leeds Business Accessories.       



-People will stare,

so make it worth their while. -